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“Strawberry Shortcake Cake”
Vanilla cake, mascarpone frosting, whipped strawberry filling, nilla wafer dust
“Blueberry Lavendar”
Lavendar Cake, blueberry filling, buttercream and fresh blueberries
“Salted Caramel”
Brown sugar cake, salted caramel filling, buttercream
“Blueberry Lemon”
Blueberry lemon cake, cream cheese frosting, fresh blueberries
“Drunken Cherry Pie”
Almond cake, cherry amaretto filling, buttercream, graham cracker dust
“Chocolate Peanut Butter”
Chocolate cake, peanut butter filling, chocolate whipped frosting
Oreo cake, ganache filling, buttercream, chopped Oreos 
“Strawberry Thyme”
Vanilla cake soaked with thyme syrup, strawberry filling, cream cheese frosting
“Chocolate Toffee”
Chocolate cake, ganache and toffee filling, marshmallow frosting
“The Cheesecake Cake”
Chocolate cake, cheesecake filling, raspberry filling, chocolate frosting
“Café Mocha”
Chocolate cake, coffee soak, coffee filling, vanilla buttercream
Graham cake, ganache filling, marshmallow buttercream and graham dust
“Sunday Brunch”
Vanilla cake, cream cheese filling, maple cinnamon buttercream

Pricing for Custom Orders

Cupcakes (min 12) $3/ea


Add a filling +$0.50 each
Gluten Free +$0.50 each
Vegan +$0.50 each  
Cakes (3 layered)
There is a 20% upcharge for Fillings, Gluten Free and Vegan options

6″ Round Cake starts at $44 – Serves 10-15
8″ Round Cake starts at $61 – Serves 15-22
10″ Round Cake starts at $88 – Serves 22-30

Pricing for Specialty Combo Cakes

6″ Combo – $53
8″ Combo – $73
10″ Combo – $105

Sheetcakes are 2 layers

1/4 Sheet starts at $44 – Serves 15-18

1/2 Sheet starts at $88 – Serves 32-36

Cake Pops
NOTE: We do not do them like lollipops. Only with no stick or the stick on top

Cake Pops start at $3.00/ea
Push Pops start at $7.00/ea
10″ Cheesecake

Plain – $36
Fruit – $42
Custom Cheesecakes start at $46

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Cake, Batter & Roll offers a variety of flavors for custom cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Have a question about additional flavors? Let us know and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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